(Party & podcasts)

If the tropics is a region defined by heat then what of the sounds it engender? In a fictional future global tropics where air travel is a thing of the past, and distances are long again, community radios emerge to bridge different worlds and reconnect distant communities. What happens when these sounds moves across the tropics, and beyond.

Presented in collaboration with Seoul Community Radio, the opening party of the Seoul Media City Biennale presented four DJs (Ejo, Karllll, Yuzo & Net Gala) that brings together mixes of what these sounds might entail. The sets were livestreamed continuously and joined by sets from Oroko Radio and Manila Community Radio.

Frequency Tropics continued over the course of the biennale with a series of podcasts featuring Seoul Community Radio, Oroko Radio, and Manila Community Radio in conversations that blur our present with the future tropical.

Seoul Museum of Art (rooftop)