Cinema is rife with strange encounters. Perhaps more so than any medium, cinema is predicated upon these very acts of encountering, where films serving as records of these collisions between people and place.

State of Motion 2017: Through Stranger Eyes delves into the history of Singapore cinema to explore its mutability as an actor. Uncovering the different Singapore(s) that is at once alien, yet recognisable through a selection of local and foreign films shot amidst the transformation of a post-independence Singapore. State of Motion retraces these places with Singaporean artist and filmmaker, Toh Hun Ping through his extensive research on 20th century Singapore films and their filming locations.

Audiences start off at a temporary cinematic pavilion in the heart of the city – a reminder that cinemas were once known as dream palaces. As they take to the original film locations where an artwork responding to both film and its site awaits them: a fictional pop-up record store and midnight concert in a shopping mall from yesteryear, a karaoke sing-along upon Singapore's former streets of vice, a light and choreographic installation in a former British coastal battery and other venues that recalls Singapore's modern past.

Participants are encouraged to not only look back, but to traverse through the many different imaginations of Singapore.

Exhibiting artists: Ming Wong, Randy Chan, Sherman Ong, Ben Slater, Hilmi Johandi, The Observatory, Joo Choon Lin, Godwin Koay, Jeremy Sharma, Ujikaji, Amanda Lee Koe 09_35_31_v2.jpg 13_45_31.jpg 22_38_42_v2.jpg