(Scrolling LED panel, 66cm x 10cm, 2019)

A constant stream of catchphrases that speak of the tropics and its history that could as well serve as stand-in titles for the many unnamed artworks in an exhibition:

tropics, a many (con)sequence

tropics: a gap in knowledge

tropics (their image formal though somewhat bucolic)

tropics: a history of climate racism

the tropical imaginary

the reverse modernity

a hot and humid epistemology

one could not think

jungle: the white cube, its obverse

their humanity / our humidity


tropics at the first frontier

tropics at the final frontier

wild, abundant, vibrant

rational, geometric, colourless

performing the tropics with Malaya

bridging of eastern and western art

expression of local tropical flavor

View of Changi

Gibbons II


Installation view: National University of Singapore Museum