(Two-channel video, 2023)

Future Tropics pushes observations of tropical expansion (due to the climate emergency) to extreme ends, arriving upon the fictional scenarios of a future and global tropic. The work speculates upon the ramifications of earth’s warming and consequent loss of climate demarcation. In a mono-climatic world of forever-summers, might a global tropic mean the blurring of geographies, histories and cultures?

Evoking different facets of this future as we follow a fictional character who finds messages that her past life had left for her in her present. These messages surface as fictional characters excavate different environs and museum collections to explore these future societies. Speculating upon the history and future relationship between heat and art. Does a museum’s cool and dry climate control system make it the repository for a lost temperate climate? When memories persist, might reincarnation be seen as a form of time travel?

Video excerpt: https://vimeo.com/782993982


Installation view: Gasworks