Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, 2014

A curatorial project of overlapping encounters: between curators and artists, designers and image-makers; between practitioners and audience; between the imagined publics of curators and artists. It charts the processual relationships between these encounters.

For the duration of the exhibition, artists shared and converted the gallery into their own studio spaces; and the audience was encouraged to observe and engage with the artists, experiencing not the artworks themselves but rather the different processes of each artist’s practice.

At the same time, curators and writers contributed to a text on a regular basis in a bid to respond to the artists, their work process, and to also frame the way audience encounter the exhibition space. These writings culminated in a catalogue in which the process of production, exhibition and documentation begin and end at the same time and place. Thus, instead of a singular constellation of meanings and artworks, the exhibition is constantly vacillating between several constellations. What emerges is an exhibition that is less concerned with the ‘objects’ contained within its space than with the (changing) relationships and encounters created around them.

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Participants: Mike Chang, Winnie Goh, Amanda Lee, Jiekai Liao, Joleen Loh, Perception3, Zai Tang, Kenneth Tay, Mark Thia & Weronika Trojanska

Installation view: Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore