(Three channel video, duration: 19’26, found carpet, medium-density fibreboard, 210cm x 210cm x 50.4cm, 2015)

Sandberg Series is a series of episodic films, which looks at the uncanny relationships between artist and artworks, and artworks to our world. Set within the very institution that bears his name – the Sandberg Instituut, the series is a tongue-in-cheek attempt to recall the myth of curatorial pioneer and enigmatic figure, Willem Sandberg.

Modeled after various television series, genres and themes, the series is an endeavour at situating artworks within fiction. It ties together objects, performance and cinema with genres such as talkies, road trips and date movies. As curatorial platforms for art proliferate, the series makes a case for the inclusion of the cinematic medium. Looking at how the curatorial lens overlaps with that of cinema.

At times autobiographical and decidedly inwards looking, the series is as much about a collection of artworks as it is about an artistic community.

Video excerpt: view.jpg

Installation view: Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam