(Wood, PVC strips, heater, humidifier, 2m x 3m x 3m, 2020)

Where, when and at which point does thought cease amidst the fermenting of heat and humidity? A series of questions that lends itself invariably to an ever longer line of questions on history, climate, culture and epistemologies.

Situated within the Jan van Eyck Academie (JVE), Hot House is a project initiated by Kent Chan that played host to a series of exhibitions (PAARA, liken lichen, Villa Plumeira: Chapter One) and events that seek to think through art in a shared, hot, and humid environment. Placing emphasis upon relationality over representation, Hot House brings together artworks and audiences alike in a paradigm centred upon the abundance of heat and humidity - not as constrictions to, but as companions in thoughts.


Installation view: Jan van Eyck Academie 13_23_00-Greenshot.jpg