(Single-channel film, duration: 24’35, 2020)

A Tropics Expanded explores a fictional, future and global tropics. One that entails eternal summers, flooded landscapes and mass societal changes. On one of the few remaining outcrops of land in the future, inhabitants visit the island setting of Forteiland Pampus and reflect upon their lives on this hot and humid world.

Evoking the many stories of world fiction that had come to pass to arrive upon such an estranged future. One where mass migration and loss of climate demarcation means that histories, ethnicities, and cultures merge and overlap over one another. While the West colonised the tropics, the tropics claims the temperate regions.

The film ruminates upon the present’s urgent need to reduce the effects of the climate crisis, but also an inertia and delay of action. A climate-changed future seems distant and difficult to imagine, built upon the belief that there is still time to undo change. The film explores a different vision to that future – a tropical Europe that is inescapable, yet deceptively normal. The same deceptiveness that makes this present moment of climate crisis lacking in urgency and seemingly normal.

Video excerpt: https://vimeo.com/509739067