(Four-channel video, duration: 61’14, 8 mirror plexiglass, 594 x 841 mm, 2022)

Warm Fronts is a series of transmissions emanating from across the tropics. Tapping into electronic music’s long-held associations as forms of futurist statement, the project began with a series of invitations to music producers/DJ (Guillerrrrmo [Brazil], Makossiri [Kenya], Kaleekarma [India], Gabber Modus Operandi [Indonesia]) from different regions of the tropics to each produce an online music set.

Each set is alike in its desire to embody in its listeners a musicality in which past and future comes into sync. Collectively they take the form of a video installation with a set of four posters each with a piece of micro-fiction printed on mirrored plexiglass. Together they speaks not of the present but foretells a radical tropical future to come. A sonic and solar alliance built not only upon their distanced shared histories, but the potentiality and connectivity of heat.

Video excerpt: https://vimeo.com/662332326


Installation view: Kunstinstituut Melly