Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, 2013

An exhibition examining the project of modernity through artistic explorations of site-specific urban and rural realities in Asia and Europe, in the context of their conjoined yet deferred histories.

If studies in city cultures often exhibit a critical nostalgia for an urban formation from the earlier stages of heroic modernity, we witness today a shift, revealing a sense of loss towards the promise of a vibrant future once offered by these early prototypical modernist cities. Rather than occupying the forefront of global developments, these cities are instead fast becoming a part of history. The works from Europe turn its eyes away from urban spaces towards unoccupied landscapes, reflecting a sense of disillusionment or a quest for a new spirituality. At the same time, works from Asia convey a suspicion towards its rapid urbanisation in recent years, skeptical towards an idea of modernity that was never its own.

With an emphasis on moving images without being limited to it, reflects on these changes and presented the work of 14 contemporary artists from both continents that offered a new appreciation of creative documentary aesthetics.

Curated by: Kent Chan and Silke Schmickl.

Exhibiting artists: Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Raqs Media Collective, Uriel Orlow, Alexander Schellow, Charles Lim, Romain Kronenberg & Benjamin Graindorge, Marylène Negro, Tan Pin Pin, Daniel Hui, Masayo Kajimura, Massimilian & Nina Breeder, and Debbie Ding.

Installation view: Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore